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I Am Chrysovalantis Koutsoumpos

Head of Engineering at EveryPay

Athens, Greece

About me

I am a qualified & highly experienced Software Engineer with excellent interpersonal & communication skills and over 14 years of commercial experience.

During this period I've been through the demanding, delivery first environment of a web agency, complex distributed multi-tenant, and high traffic media applications mainly in advertising and adult entertainment industries.

Currently, I am taking care of the EveryPay's engineering team. EveryPay is the biggest payment gateway in Greece.

Apart from my expertise in PHP, I am heavily interacting with other languages (Typescript, Golang, Java). As a result of this, I adopted an enterprise coding style attitude by producing clean, readable, reusable, scalable, and testable code with clear boundaries and detailed documentation.

I am actively involved with the dev community and always be up to date with the latest software, architecture, and infrastructure trends.

Advocating for Hexagonal, CQRS & event sourcing, practicing Domain-Driven Design, and experienced with Service Oriented Architectures and Docker/K8s container orchestration for highly available, fault-tolerant and auto-scalable applications. I have both technical and interpersonal skills for challenging roles that utilizing my previous skills and experiences.

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Hexagonal, Domain Driven Design & CQRS advocate, Enterprise Service Oriented Architecture practitioner.


Experienced with automated deployment pipelines, containerized production environments with Docker/K8s, Service Bus communication systems, polyglot persistence & AWS products.

Soft skills

Curious by nature and excellent communicator, I aim at a deep understanding of the business domain. Event stormer, working chameleon, and mentor.

Service Oriented Architectures
Enterprise Service Bus
Reactive Architectures
Hexagonal Architectures
Domain Driven Design
C.Q.R.S. / Event Sourcing

Docker, Kubernetes
Ansible provisioning scripts
Continuous Integration and Delivery
Symfony Components
Apache Synapse
Apache Axis2

Memcached, Redis
ELK Stack
Prometheus, Grafana

Consistent, Available, Partition tolerant
Distributed Message Driven systems
Enterprise Integrated systems
Authentication & authorization
Web, REST & SOAP Web Services
Multi-tenant SaaS applications
E-commerce web applications

Professional Experience

2021 - Present
Athens, Greece

Taking care of EveryPay's Engineering team.

2018 - Present
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Building reliable & scalable integrations with all kinds of third-party services (Eg. REST APIs, SOAP services, etc) within the company's SOA architecture, contributing high-quality code to a well-structured DDD/CQRS codebase with clear boundaries, maintaining a Kubernetes infrastructure hosted in AWS and being a chameleon, able to adapt according to business demands, I am part of Signkick, a grow-up that is active in the UK but already has plans for world domination!

2017 - 2018
Rotterdam, The Netherlands

As a Full Stack Developer, I am part of a multinational development team consisting of high-level engineers, dealing with demanding projects such as high traffic media and scheduling software applications, working especially with the healthcare and the adult entertainment industry. Being Agile (scrum), working with DDD, Symfony, Laravel, and Docker we are delivering high-quality software to our clients.

Digital Media
2012 - 2017
Thessaloniki, Greece

As Tech Lead I am responsible for all tech-related decisions, guiding my team as well as for the design and development of the company’s new CMS depending on Laravel and VUEjs. I have the responsibility for the Business Analysis of the company’s incoming projects, responds to RFP’s, RFQ’s and RFI’s and of course the initiation, planning, execution & control of its projects. In addition, I have organized the company’s process assets including management plans, templates & lessons learned, and always try to keep the team’s morale and productivity high. Finally, I have set standard quality procedures, checklists, and checksheets during the life cycle of each project to assure that the highest quality has achieved.

Institute of Adult Learning Pythagoras
2012 - 2016
Thessaloniki, Greece

Seminar facilitator for working professionals in European subsidized IT courses. Approx 250 hours.

  • Databases
  • Internet use
Digital Media
2007 - 2012
Thessaloniki, Greece

I am the developing part of a well organized three-person company. My responsibilities start from research, analysis, and end up with programming and testing of a project. I am responsible for developing and upgrading the company's CMS which is the base for all our projects. I have developed a big variety of projects, from simple company presentations and product catalogs, b2c, and b2b e-shops to demanding projects such as ERPs, printing house on-line pricing systems, hotel booking systems, and some other major projects.

  • PHP, MySql developer responsible for company's CMS development, maintenance and upgrades.
  • Analyst and Solution Finder.
  • Building & consuming high quality usable web services.
  • Front end developer, A/B Testing.


Diploma of Vocational Training / Accreditation - Internet Technology
Hellenic National Qualifications Framework (NQF)

Diploma of Vocational Training / Accreditation - Information Technology
Hellenic National Qualifications Framework (NQF)

2009 - 2010
Associate's Degree - Internet Technology Engineer
Private Educational Institute Akmi, Thessaloniki, Greece

2007 - 2009
Associate's degree - Computer Applications Engineer
Private Educational Institute Pythagoras, Thessaloniki, Greece

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Thessaloniki, GR




+30 6977 694 494